Survivor Redemption Island: ep12: You Mangled My Nets

After last week’s double ouster Brillo Pad Ralph heads over to Redemption Island followed shortly by Steve, joining Zapatera Mike and undefeated Matt.

Back at Murlonio it’s a six pack of Ometepe members left- let the infighting begin! Natalie starts crying for no reason, Rob comforts her, partially out of personal concern and partially out of strategery. Treemail the next day is a Sprint videophone with videos from home; break out the waterworks. Redemption Island contestants get videos too.

It’s a four way duel. The winner of the duel gets to spend time with their loved one, Probst announces. Three people move on and the first to break all their tiles gets the love. Mike wins it, his second win in a row- looks like Matt might have a challenger here. Steve’s NFL experience isn’t proving helpful at all as he is eliminated; hopefully he wasn’t a quarterback because that would just be embarrassing.

Mike gets to choose whether he gets time with his own loved one, the other two Redemption Islander’s loved ones, or all 6 of the Ometepe’s loved ones. He smartly chooses to give it up to 6 remaining Murlonio players. He’s looking for votes should he make it back, despite what he’s saying out loud about God and doing the right thing. However I doubt anyone’s going to give him any votes in the end just because he did this. No Amber visiting for Rob unfortunately 8(.

The loved ones come back and bond and see the camp and it’s all super sappy and I really don’t care too much. Although it is interesting a bit to see how they interact with their loved ones. Teary scene with Rob at the end where he says he’s been trying to win Survivor for 10 years now and it’s for his wife and kids.

Now the Immunity challenge is up. There’s a huuuuuge flight of stairs. Contestants have to make a series of puzzle steps to finish the staircase and make it to the top. It’s between Rob, Grant and Andrea. The other three are way behind as they go up and down the stairs many times. Rob crawls up the last flight and wins Immunity in an exhausting challenge. Rob nearly collapses at the top as he cramps up. Thought he was going to fall down the stairs there for a minute. I guess we’re still waiting for the first Survivor death.

The plan is to take out Andrea because she’s strong at challenges and her past relationship with Matt. But then Secret Agent Phillip starts to annoy everyone again. He’s taking out part of the shelter roof to use in the fire, wtf? In his interview he says he’s making himself the villain and that he has a rock solid argument should it be him and Rob in the finals. Now I don’t know if he’s crazy or not- it’s confusing. Rob suspects that Phillip has been playing him the whole time. Trust your instincts Rob.

As usual Probst spends half of Tribal trying to coax some clipshow worthy quotes out of Agent Undies- successfully. Interestingly all 6 players feel safe and are not worried. That means it’s a guaranteed blindside. The votes go 5 to 1 for Andrea to go in a blindside. For the first time pretty much all season they show the votes.

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