Survivor Redemption Island: ep13: Too Close for Comfort

After last week’s blindsiding of Andrea, the remaining Ometepes…errr Murlonios celebrate back at camp. Ashley and Natalie talk about teaming up and Rob catches them talking and now he’s thinking Ashley has to go before she flips.

At Redemption Andrea and Matt have it out. Grow a set Matt, she voted for you because it’s a game. Brillo Pad Ralph makes Andrea sleep on the ground since room is tight. Stay classy Ralph. Now it’s time for the four way duel with Matt, Andrea, Brillo, and two time defending champ Mike. Contestants have to move a handle through a maze, smash some tiles and solve a puzzle. Brillo is first to start on the puzzle; Andrea is frazzled and struggling with the maze. No surprise, Mike finishes first again followed by Matt and then Andrea. Ralph (shockingly! not.) can’t handle the mental challenge of the puzzle and is sent to the jury.

Back at camp, Zapatera ate too much of the food and supplies are now limited. Secret Agent Phillip, breaking out the (*gag*) pink undies again, starts in with the girls over who eats what. He’s crazy and everyone knows it. Rob’s pissed at him for getting the two girls to bond. Ashley and Natalie go to Rob saying they want to get rid of Grant which Puppetmaster Rob doesn’t want to do (he’s run the numbers already he says, of course).

Rob thinks Ashley is trying to corrupt Natalie and he wants Ashley out. At the Immunity Challenge it’s a one armed fish hook the puzzle pieces and build a giant fish bone structure. Reward is a three course meal delved to camp. Natalie falls insanely behind as Ashley takes the early lead. The building orchestral theme starts and you know it’s Ashley who’s gonna win it and she does. Uh oh Rob- worst case scenario.

With the top choice gone, Grant’s gotta go. Rob has to go around camp and tell everyone who they are voting for. Grant thinks it’s Natalie, everyone else knows it’s Grant. But Grant calls the two girls a couple and they have power and need to be split up. The girls get their reward feast delivered by tuxedoed waiters to the camp and proceed to eat themselves into massive stomach aches.

Rob’s thinking ahead, if he breaks up the girls, then if someone comes back from Redemption and teams up with the two they could vote him out. Either way, just like the whole game, Rob is controlling the game. Tribal reveals no clues as Probsts barely probes. Is it going to be Natalie or Grant? The vote goes to Grant who is sent to Redemption. Things are gonna be crazy for the finale in a few days. It’s Rob’s game to win or lose.

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