Survivor Redemption Island: ep14 (Finale): It Seems Like a No Brainer

After last Tribal’s surprise eviction (aren’t they all at this point) Grant shows up at Redemption Island unsure if it was Rob or Phillip who betrayed him (it was both, buddy!)

Boston Rob is worried now that he’s the biggest threat left. Rob you were the biggest threat the whole game, you just downplayed it.

Matt seems like he’s in a better mood, enjoying his 29th day on Redemption Island. The final duel is announced to the excitement of all 4 evictees. Contestants have to keep their foot on a see-saw type board to keep a vase balanced. An endurance challenge. After 40 minutes Grant is the first to drop his vase. I suspect they were better fed on Redemption than in the game. Matt, Mike and Andrea are left. Matt drops his next and is FINALLY out, his first duel loss. Undefeated dueler Mike drops his vase and Andrea gets to re-enter the game! Only Phillip claps for her lol.

Nobody is happy to see Andrea back at camp since they had voted her off already. Andrea gets to work telling everyone that the Redemption Islanders wanted to vote for Phillip, a lie. She is crafty. Rob and Phillip are worried the three girls are going to team up.

At the Immunity Challenge, contestants have to race across a balance beam, collect bags of tiles and order them up from 1 to 100. The balancing seems like the hardest part of this, since the numbers are bagged up in ordered groups. Phillip keeps falling off the beam quickly knocking himself out of it. Ashley take the lead with Rob and Andrea close behind. Ashley just barely wins it for her second Immunity in a row- Rob is pissssssssed.

Back at camp Rob quickly groups the four and says it’s Andrea and goes fishing. Everyone seems to be going along with it. Phillip reports on Ashley and Natalie talking to each other in the woods. Rob and Special Agent Phil go off to talk which gives the three girls a chance to chitchat; Andrea says she’s voting Rob join up with me. Looks like the girls might try to take out Rob. Rob still has the Idol, he’s joking in the interview that he doesn’t need it but he’s too smart not to play it I think (and hope!)

Probst gets Phillip going at Tribal again. Andrea starts buttering up the jury already as the three girls basically say they’re voting for Rob. He’s gotta be on alert now. After voting Rob whips out his Immunity Idol- yeeeeees! Nobody looks as shocked as I thought they’d be. With three votes, he didn’t even need it as Andrea is voted to the jury. The Tribe has spoken.

Super Agent Phillip claims he suspected Rob has the hidden Immunity Ido all along. Ok, yeah right. The final Immunity Challenge is a massive setup. It’s a giant maze where contestants have to collect puzzle pieces that unfold to form a phrase. Natalie is totally lost in the maze, Secret Agent Phillip is surprisingly keeping it close as Rob and Ashley take the lead. Ashley is lamely following Rob around the maze. It’s Rob and Ashley atop the challenge putting the puzzle together and Rob wins the final Immunity!

Now Rob has to decide who to send home and how to convince the jury to give him a million dollars after his wife’s already won it once. Rob’s telling Ashley that Phillip is going and Phillip that Ashley is going. Keeping the peace at camp. Rob wants Ashley gone because she bonded with half the jury but he needs Natalie to go along with it. Natalie has to choose between her friend and the game.

At Tribal Phillip calls himself “The Specialist”, while Ashley says she thinks she has a better shot of winning than both Phil and Natalie should she be up there. If Natalie hadn’t made up her mind yet, that might be the nail in the coffin. And it is as Ashley is voted out.

Natalie, Phillip and Rob make up the final three. It’s Rob’s game to lose. Back at camp crazy Phillip is talking about how he’s ok with having a relationship with someone who’s been dead since 1870. A feast is there for the final three. We get one last blurred out shot of Agent Undies’ pink manties. Rob is still playing the game, telling Natalie how he wants her to answer questions. Phillip ceremoniously tosses them into the fire- thank you!!! thank you!! Too bad it took until day 39 to burn them.

Back at Tribal for like the 25th time this episode, the final three get to plead their case. Special Agent Phillip is wearing his crazy feather. Natalie says her social skills and loyalty to Boston Rob got her this far. Phillip says as soon as Boston Rob came off the helicopter, his whole strategy changed and gives pretty much all the credit for his being there to Boston Rob who he calls “the mastermind”. Rob here’s your platter, just place the win right on it, thank you sir. Rob lays out a three point blueprint as to why he played so awesome and should win and then goes for the emotional side saying it’s all for his wife and kid.

Now the jury gets to ask some questions. Andrea calls Natalie and Rob’s relationship creepy and Phillip starts in with her shooting himself in the foot. Ashley says she’s sick of hearing Phillip talk, so no questions to him, then calls out Natalie for betraying her and Rob for deceiving everyone. Grant wants to know why his alliance with Rob was weaker than Natalie’s. Brillo Pad Ralph asks why Natalie is hitching coattails to Rob like a kid, why Phillip only has one feather in his headband and does Phil like him. Matt only wants to ask Rob one question, calling him a liar and how can he keep himself together after 117 days out here total. Jacked Julie says none of them played a respectable game, calling Natalie a servant to Rob, while Phillip says to hell with her interrupting her while she says Rob’s in a good position. Phil manages to insult the whole jury. Mike gets all religious and asks the finalists if they learned anything about themselves- softball question Mike. Steve commends them all for playing (classy, Steve) except for Phillip who he calls pitiful and shameful. David has no questions but tries to sell the whole jury on Rob calling it the “best strategic game the game has ever seen”.

Everyone votes, Brillo Pad votes for “Phile”, David for Rob, nobody else is shown as Probst brings the votes back to New York City for the live reunion. Phillip still thinks he can win lolololololz. No surprise as Rob Mariano finally wins his Survivor game and gets to hug Amber and the two kids. Well deserved Rob, well played. Boston Rob finally wins Survivor in his fourth try. Congrats Rob.

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