Survivor Redemption Island: ep01: Premiere

Survivor Redemption Island got off to a high flying start- literally.  The entire cast arrived via helicopter with Jeff Probst dangling out the back before gently helping everyone get off their chopper. The teams were quickly split up and the surprise was revealed; Russell and Boston Rob are back. Contestants were excited to see Boston Rob, not so much for Russell.

Early on (and then again and again and again) Phillip reveals that he was a Federal Agent. Whoopdee freakin doo say the girls on his tribe, more impressed with his family of many sisters. Later they would see his family again- in this case the family jewels, as Phillip sported the worst underwear ever on Survivor- light red tighties. Come on Phillip, did you not know you were going to be on TV? Once again this season looks to be a “wohoo we’re on Survivor, now everyone strip down to your underwear” season.

Kristina took an early aggressiveness, looking for a clue in the toolbox (which by the way is lame- this is Survivor, they don’t need hammers and nails). Boston Rob quickly caught on, proving he is one of the most perceptive players ever. Kristina then grabs a shovel and starts poking around looking for an immunity idol, somehow unnoticed by her tribe. Surprisingly, she found it! Oddly she hides it rather than just putting it into her bag.

Russell was doing his own dirty work on the other end, teaming up with the young Stephanie to try his usual method of swaying the tribe’s females. Russell’s dirty work was of no consequence because his team won the first immunity challenge.

Back at Ometepe, Kristina can’t keep her mouth shut about the idol and prepares to go from being a super smart player to super dumb by using it so early with a devious plan to get rid of Rob. Rob knows what’s up, natch and wants to split the vote to avoid the idol.

At Tribal Council, you know the dude with the dreadlocks isn’t going anywhere since he wasn’t shown talking once the whole episode. Possible mute? Maybe. Phillip, former Federal Agent, quickly spills the beans about the plan to vote Rob and to a shocked Jeff Probst’s surprise- the idol, which Kristina actually takes out of her bag to show everyone. Federal Agent Phillips for some odd reason can’t pronounce or spell Francesca’s name, adding in “qu’ where this none. In the end Francesca is the odd woman out and is sent packing to Redemption Island.

Interestingly, rather than showing her give a final thoughts speech, there’s a final thoughts voiceover as she is seen heading to Redemption Island in the dark and the votes are not revealed to the viewers. It will be interesting to see what’s in store for her on the new island.

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