Survivor South Pacific: Ep01: I Need Redemption

Survivor is back! Ozzy and Coach are back! It’s a battle of the longhairs. Looking good Ozzie, growing it out. Redemption Island is back!

First contestant shown is a nerd who has seen every episode ever and wrote a college essay on it. There’s a 51 year old cowboy with a ridiculous mustache. A 44 year old mortician. Russell Hantz’s nephew tho sounds just like him- trying to clear the family name! 18 contestants this year.

Jeff brings the contestants up onto the beach, most are kinda formally dressed- suits and dresses. He says two other players will join them, and in off the helicopter comes Ozzy and Coach. Brandon (Hantz) doesn’t want to reveal his last name but since he has 2 “Hantz” tattoos, one on his arm and one on his back, that might be a problem.

Ozzy and Coach pick sides and are assigned to a team each. Ozzy was received much more warmly than Coach. Cochran proves his geekiness right up front by having Jeff Probst call him by his last name.

The first challenge is right away and it’s Ozzy vs. Coach. They have to climb a pole, dig under a log, and then solve a puzzle. Both start quickly, climbing and digging. Ozzy wriggles under the log first and starts ahead of Coach on the puzzle. Both are having trouble with it so their teams tell them exactly what to do. Coach isn’t getting it all of a sudden. Ozzy takes the lead and finishes first to win the flint and some taro for his team.

Teams head off to their beaches as Coach’s team gives him the cold shoulder, except for Edna.

Savaii Tribe is Ozzy’s team. Ozzy has a little crush on Semhar right away. I can see why. Ozzy says let’s go swimming now instead of making a shelter. Cochran is nervous about taking his shirt off- dude didn’t you know it was Survivor- you have to take your shirt off.

At Coach’s Upolu Tribe camp, Coach says let’s build a shelter. There’s someone who speaks Russian, which Coach does too surprisingly. Christine immediate goes off to look for the Immunity Idol and everyone busts her on it. Which makes her target number one.

Savaii has a Medical Marijuana Dispenser named Jim who has won poker tournaments too- but he tells everyone he’s a teacher. Mark is a retired NYPD detective and is gay. English Professor Dawn is worried that the shelter’s not done.

Upolu now. Brandon Hantz is covering up his “loco” tattoo on the back of his neck too. Upolu has a lingerie football player on the team- Michaela. It’s making mini-Hantz uncomfortable as a married man, he seems like he’s worried he’s going to cheat. Coach makes a 5 person alliance.

Savaii’s Dawn is already having a near breakdown. She’s all over the place emotionally. It’s day freakin’ two!!!!! Ozzy calms her down. Finally Savaii starts getting their shelter going. Cochran looks like’s he’s about to chop off finger instead of opening a coconut. He’s definitely weak (and pale!) but he wants to get by on charm and humor and smarts.

Brandon’s out there catching fish with a spear. Sophie feels like Brandon’s hiding something- she’s right!

Time for the first Immunity Challenge. Tribes have to race through zig-zagging pathways, a all of coconuts, over a wall and then shoot coconuts into a backer. The Immunity Idol is revealed and it’s kinda nondescript.

Coach’s team takes the early lead. Cochran can’t get over the wall! Ozzy makes up crazy time finding the buried machete. Now everyone’s shooting coconuts into a basket. Semhar is doing terrible and is totally winded. It’s neck and neck and both teams bags start to lift up. Thanks to Michaela’s hot shooting, Upolu wins Immunity! See you at Tribal Savaii.

Interestingly the clue to the hidden immunity idol is hidden back at their camp. Now all of Upolu is looking around for the clue to the Idol. It’s in a tree people.

Back at Savaii’s camp, Semhar calls out legal Pot Dealer Jim for calling her out after the competition. Quickly Cochran is comfortable walking around shirtless- that didn’t take long buddy. Ozzy is worried that Cochran is too weak for the challenges. It’s not looking good for Cochran right now.

Time for Tribal and the team lays it out that Dawn, Semhar and Cochran are the possibilities to go to Redemption Island tonight. Papa Bear defends Cochran sort of about his failure to climb the wall. Cochran does a decent job defending himself, as does Semhar.

Time to vote and it’s between Semhar and Cochran, and Semhar is the first person voted out of Survivor South Pacific- unanimously. She cries as she walks off to Redemption Island. Words of wisdom from Jeff Probst and we’re done for the week

Gotta love Survivor! The cast looks pretty good- lots of interesting characters and two classic players.

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