Survivor South Pacific: Ep02: He Has Demons

Semhar is banished to Redemption Island and learns about the rules of the duel and “treats” us to some poetry about her misery.

Back at Savaii, Cochran is counting his blessings that he didn’t get the boot at Tribal. Ozzy likes his passion but not his lack of effort- Cochran wants to change.

Coach the dragonslayer feels like he too got a second chance when his team won. He’s got an ally in Edna but they both think the Idol has been found for some reason.

Savaii now and Cochran is chopping coconuts and working around camp. Ozzy’s got his eye out for the Idol. I forgot how much of a monkey man he was climbing trees and shit. He spots a tree out in surf with a rock in the middle and lookie there, he’s found the Idol!!!! He climbs a super tall tree and stashes it up there so he doesn’t arouse any suspicion.

Over at Upolu, Coach is bonding with mini-Hantz. He reveals the Hantz tattoo to Coach. Coach is wary and thinks he’s true to his word that he won’t stab Coach in the back like Russell did.

Savaii has a few dudes heading out on a fishing trip/strategy session. Legal weed dealer Jim is making a double headed plan. He doesn’t know that Keith and Ozzy had already made the same plan so he thinks he’s the mastermind. Cochran, Nervous BreakDawn, and Papa Bear are the top choices to go.

Mikayla is getting right in there with the dudes; all that lingerie football work is helping out in more way than one. She’s making Mini-Hantz uncomfortable with her social game (aka strutting around all sexy). Christine is STILL scampering around for the Idol without a clue, or at least looking for the clue to the Idol which is making everyone think she has it. And…she finds the clue.

Challenge time and Upolu is all eating some weird ass fruit to prove they stick together. The whole challenge is a giant series of puzzles essentially. Edna is totally rocking the clue paper as a visor- sweet.

Teams have to unripe ribbons from a giant pole which is an interesting looking dance as they jump over and under the ribbons. Savaii is behind after the first stage. Upolu is moving their giant boxes which form a giant slider puzzle. Savaii is quickly catching up to them and surpassing them to take the lead as Savaii comes from behind and wins Immunity and reward (blankets and such). See you at Tribal Upolu.

A bunch of Upolu’s haven’t gotten any airtime at all- cowboy with the mustache and more- so you know they’re safe. Coach wants to split the vote between Christine and Stacey (who hasn’t been on tonight). Brandon’s been pushing for Mikayla to go. She’s your strongest female by far, it would be foolish to do that.

Mikayla is worried they don’t find her “trustable” lol. Christine suddenly realizes that she hasn’t talked to anyone and hasn’t a clue who to vote for. Wake up girl, you’re not actually in the game, you’re only focusing on the Idol search.

Let’s head to Tribal. Coach blows apart Brandon’s strategy saying he wants Mikayla to stay and that he heard Stacey and Christine want her out. Christine says again that Coach is temporary. Mini-Hantz comes clean and says he’s the one who told them to vote for Mikayla. Welcome to Survivor Mikayla.

Time to vote. This could go any way. Once the votes are read the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. The votes are all over the place with 4 different girls getting votes (none for Mikayla) but it coming down to Christine and Stacey and Christine is voted out of Survivor South Pacific.

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