Survivor South Pacific: Ep03: Reap What You Sow

Christine joins Semhar over at Redemption Island where she has another chance to get back at Coach.

At Upolu, Mikayla was shocked at mini-Hantz’s attack on her. Shocked! How could anyone not like her? Shocked! Mini-Hantz wants to be a hero unlike Uncle Russell but he’s upset at himself so far for the way he’s played.

Two from each Tribe now head over to Redemption to witness the duel. Players have to balance a wooden totem atop an ever increasing sized pole. Semhar starts off with a super long and annoying poem, something about getting naked and then giving birth to 10 children without drugs, wtf? No problems after one section of pole, now they each add a second to make it higher. Both really seem to be doing good with the long pole. The poles start to sway a bit and Semhar’s totem drops and we thankfully no longer have to hear an annoying poem. Christine moves on.

Mini-Hantz takes off his shirt and reveals that he’s Russell’s nephew. His tribe looks shocked. Maybe they’re shocked at his god-awful bull’s horns chest tattoo. Ok, maybe you could put your shirt back on now? Thanks. Coach thinks that was a mistake to tell everyone and it lessens his trust in him slightly.

Over at Savaii, Ozzie is bringing home the bacon. And by bacon, we mean fish. Papa Bear is worried. And he should be because he’s not part of the main Ozzie alliance. The Wizard of Oz reveals he has the Idol to Keith, who tells someone else. Should have kept it secret Ozzie, just like Boston Rob did. Now you’re a target.

At Upolu Mikayla confronts mini-Hantz about saying she should go. Russell calls a meeting with the tribe and has an aggressive outburst about Mikayla and is in danger of ostracizing himself. Just let it go, buddy. Don’t say anything. And keep your shirt on. Thanks.

Immunity Challenge time. Immunity is back up for grabs. On Jeff’s go, teams will carry a bodyboard across a floating bridge and then be pulled back to shore with a giant winch and then solve s giant flag puzzle.

Brandon Hantz and Ozzie start it off and Ozzie’s team is holding him back as Hantz takes the early lead for Upolu. The lead switches back to Savaii as Ozzie goes again. It’s neck and neck in the fifth round as Ozzie goes for a third time, against Albert this time. This is most airtime Albert’s gotten all season. It all comes down to the puzzle. They have to use a grappling hook to pull the pieces up to a high platform first though. Still close, Coach is really good with a grappling hook, as is Whitney. But Upolu has too much of a lead as they win Immunity. See you at Tribal, Savaii.

Cochran makes an appearance! Says basically nothing but there he is. It’s between him and Papa Bear says Ozzie. The alliance of five decides on Papa Bear to go. They tell Papa Bear it’s Cochran, but he doesn’t buy it so off to look for the Idol he goes. He can’t find it so he makes a fake Idol and stuffs his underwear. Cochran knows he’s faked it because he was clearly checking out Papa Bear’s package both pre-and post- fake Idol stuffing and knows the size difference. But he knows that he’s next anyway so that puts him in danger if people think Papa Bear really does have it.

Tribal Council time. People are really falling for Papa Bear’s pants stuffing trick and giving Cochran some votes. Or at least one person is anyway. We’ll see how it shakes out, although based on the fact that we’ve seen Papa Bear about 20x more this episode than Cochran we know how this is going to play out. Papa Bear gets the boot.

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