Survivor South Pacific: Ep04: Survivalism

Ozzy and Elyse are bonding, which worries legal pot dealer Jim. Cochran is sketched out by Jim but he likes the anyone but Cochran strategy.

On the other side mini-Hantz is trying to make amends and be a better person. And stupidly he’s revealing the “core five” alliance to Edna who thought it was an alliance of six.

Interestingly tree-mail includes bathing suits for all. So that’s how they get their suits.

Ozzy thinks Jim is playing the strategy card too much. Dawn thinks that Ozzy is just strategizing elsewhere and is trying to discourage everyone else from making other plans- uhhhmmm yeah.

Christine vs. Papa Bear at the duel on Redemption Island. They have to toss sandbags atop crates. Christine is on fire throwing the bags up high but Papa Bear is closing in. Christine barely ekes it out…or should I say “bearably” ekes it out. Papa Bear, it’s time for you to go.

Edna is freaking out now and trying to play the social game by talking to everyone. And by talking to everyone, we mean kissing everyone’s ass and asking a million questions to everyone. The other women on the tribe are getting annoyed.

At Savaii Dawn and Cochran talk about getting rid of Elyse too. Take out Ozzy’s closest ally. Cochran likes making a big move. Just don’t lose the competition on purpose this season.

Immunity challenge and Immunity is back up for grabs. Teams have to hold poles across their shoulders as more and more bags of weight are placed on it by the other team. Reward is chickens this week. Keith Dawn and Jim, vs. Brandon Stacy and Albert.

Dawn and Stacy are struggling with 100 pounds. Keith is having trouble too and Keith drops 180 pounds and is out first. Albert drops next leaving 2 on each side. Jim and Brandon break the Survivor record for most weight. Jim drops next and mini-Hantz follows close behind. It’s down to Dawn vs. Stacy. Stacy has it balance on her ass lol. Stacy’s pole leans to one side and Dawn wins it for Savaii. See you at tribal Upolu.

Back at camp, Coach is trying to give an inspirational speech of sorts. Nobody cares. Edna’s scrambling now. Stacy’s working it a bit too. She plants the seed in mini-Hantz’s head that the five alliance is breaking. And he buys it, natch. Coach says don’t believe someone scrambling while they’re on death row. And it is breaking- because nobody wants him in it due to his paranoia.

At Tribal now, the cowboy guy finally speaks- barely. Jeff Probst makes mini-Hantz cry. This could kind of go any way- they didn’t show anyone voting. The votes are coming down to Stacy and Edna. And Stacy is voted out. And she’s pissed! She won’t even take a hug from Coach. I wouldn’t either but I’m not pissed off.

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