Survivor South Pacific: Ep05: Taste the Victory

Stacy shows up on Redemption to meet the tough Christine. Stacy is pissed the hell off at Coach. Rightfully so, but still.

At Upolu, Junior Hantz is still upset about Tribal, this dude is a freakin’ wuss, seriously- you’re on Survivor, stop crying.

Stacy and Christine show up for the duel at Redemption Island Arena. Stacy tells all, Christine joins in by saying Benjamin aka Coach is running the show and Albert’s his right hand man. Stacy is going the hell off on Coach about his kids and Halloween and who the hell knows what but obviously she’s got a grudge. The two ladies have to put metal balls in a maze, catch them at the bottom and do it again without dropping them. As they put more and more balls in the maze, Stacy just drops them in without thinking, while Christine plans her out a little more. Which pays off for Christine as Stacy drops one. Christine, despite looking like she’s from Grey Gardens, is on fire in these challenges.

Back at camp, Albert tells how Stacy told all. Coach says don’t freakin’ call me Benjamin, even my parents call me Coach. Seriously?

Elyse is getting cozy with Ozzy with their little alliance. Nice to see Cochran doing some work around the camp. Savaii gets the scoop on Coach. Ozzy says Coach should get rid of Albert which has legal pot dealer Jim in fear of Ozzy trying to get a strong alliance member out, like himself.

After being outed at the duel, Albert sets out to find the hidden Immunity Idol. He finds the first clue and starts climbing trees in the surf. Not finding it, he tells Coach and Sophie what the clue says to build some trust. Coach starts climbing and finds it. Coach is visibly happy about this- I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smiling like that before.

Savaii Tribe and Cochran is going fishing on the boat with Ozzy to learn how to do it and maybe bond a bit. Cochran keeps watch on the boat while Ozzy brings back 11 fish. Cochran thinks that Ozzy is acting entitled and lazy except for the 30 minutes a day he fishes.

Immunity Challenge and Immunity is back up for grabs. There’s a pig on a roasted spit. Teams have to bite off pieces of the pigs and spit them into a basket. This is kinda nasty, totally gross. Jeff does the weighing of the meat. 22 pounds for Savaii, Upolu weighs in with 2 ounces more. See you at Tribal Savaii.

While Upolu chows the hell down on their 22 pounds of meat, Savaii is noticing that Cochran’s really trying to show off his work ethic (which Ozzy thinks is all for show). Ozzy wants Cochran gone but Dawn, Jim, and Cochran think it’s time for Elyse to go. They need a fourth to get the numbers. Jim talks to Keith about the Ozzy situation and Keith seems to agree. Keith is the swing vote but he still wants Ozzy to trust him so he’s on the fence here.

Tribal Council and Jeff starts the questioning off with something about trust. It seems like half the team got some sort of jaw injury from the challenge- 2 broken teeth, a dislocated jaw, cuts on their mouths and more. Time to vote. It’s between Cochran and Elyse, and Dawn. Whitney and Keith voted for Dawn which puts the vote at 3-2-2 and sends Elyse to Redemption. Blindside!

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