Survivor South Pacific: Ep06: Free Agent

Back at Savaii, Ozzy’s pissed that everyone went behind his back and broke his alliance essentially. He’s going off the rails on a crazy train. Ozzy announces that he’s a “free agent”. He reveals that he has the idol! Why would you do that Ozzy? Next day Ozzy’s back to spear fishing under coral. The rest of the Tribe thinks he needs to man up and get over his little hissy fit and apologize.

Over on Upolu, Coach is living large with his hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile mini-Hantz finds the clue to the hidden immunity idol (which will do no good unless the clue points to Coach’s back pocket). Coach doesn’t want him to realize he’s been betrayed. Coach is having flashbacks of his Uncle Russell finding idols.

Redemption Island duel and it’s Elyse vs. Christine. Christine has been a beast in these challenges so far. The two ladies have to play a tabletop shuffleboard game. It takes a while to get going with this game but Christine takes the early 2-1 lead before Elyse knocks off one of her own pucks before eventually tying it up. But Christine takes her fourth duel in a row and stays another few days.

Rick, the cowboy rancher with the hat and mustache finally gets to say something and some air time. Where’s this dude been all season? Edna’s been cozying up to Coach ever since mini-Hantz told her she’s not in the alliance. Coach is buying it and says she’s safe and Mikayla is the next to go.

At Savaii, Ozzy realizes he screwed up with his little temper tantrum. Medical Weed Dealer Jim’s happy to have him back because Ozzy helps them win and after the merge he’s a much bigger target. That’s a win win.

Immunity challenge and they have to put together a wheelbarrow, collect some coconuts, then reassemble the wheelbarrow as a slingshot and shoot the coconuts at a target. Teams get their wheelbarrows put together at the same exact time. Upolu moves out to an early lead as Ozzy and Dawn are unable to steer the freaking’ wheelbarrow. Cochrane and Dawn are way too weak to flip over the wheelbarrow to dump the coconuts. Savaii catches up as Upolu struggles without he slingshot. Savaii is killing it with the slingshot as they destroy Upolu and win immunity and reward.

Savaii wins huge sandwiches as part of their reward and get to go to a natural pool and slide down mossy rocks into the pool. Looks like fun.

At Upolu Coach is gunning for Mikayla because she did poorly in the challenge with the slingshot. Al says don’t worry I got your back. It doesn’t take much for Albert to convince almost everyone else that Edna’s trying to play them all and is the better choice to go. Mini-Hantz agrees she needs to go but he’s double-talking something about keeping his word and he won’t vote her; he’s insane. Coach wants to keep Edna because she’ll follow him blindly. Looks like cowboy’s the swing vote.

At Tribal, mini-Hantz goes a little nuts and doesn’t shut the hell up. He doesn’t know how to play the game or how to keep a secret. He tells the Tribe to vote him out if they want. Shouldn’t matter though as it’s between Mikayla and Edna as it comes down to the final vote and Mikayla is voted out. The Tribe has spoken.

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