Survivor South Pacific: Ep07: Trojan Horse

Coming back from last week’s Tribal Council, Edna is still peeved at mini-Hantz for acting irrationally but on the other hand she’s happy about it because he’s a target. The rest of the tribe thinks he might be a liability.

The get right into the Redemption Island duel with Christine battling Mikayla. Christine the machine. They have to use planks to build a bridge and then flip it over to form a puzzle. It’s back and forth as they build the bridge with the planks. Albert helps out from the stands. Christine takes the lead as they start the puzzle. Four in a row for Christine the Machine so far. Make it five, Probst.

Ozzy’s thinking about sending someone who can beat Christine if they lose the next challenge. Wow, that would be a huge move, giving Savaii the numbers if they beat here. Ozzy lets Cochran in on the plan and says that he might be willing to go.

Coach is over at Upolu doing some sort of tai chi prayer thing in the surf. Half Coach’s team is still looking for the Idol, so Coach has to pretend he doesn’t have it and go along with the search and group prayer that they find it.

Treemail, teams have to paint themselves up like warriors and pair up in like-painted duos for the challenge. Sensing the merge, Coach reveals to all he has the Immunity Idol. Mini-Hantz thinks it’s because of their prayer. Poor guy, Coach had it the whole time.

Immunity is back up for grabs as the heavily painted teams get ready for the challenge. The teams of twins have to go through an obstacle course blindfolded and solve a matching puzzle. Blindfolded Edna takes a whomp on the forehead but she and painted on bra mini-Hantz start quick. It’s neck and neck through the course. Savaii falls behind when their ropes get all tangled up and Cochran can’t untangle it but make it up when Albert can’t untie one of the bags he has to retrieve. Ozzy’s rope is all tangled up mid-course due to Cochran’s poor untangling skills at the switchover and they lose time as Upolu wins Immunity and reward.

Ozzy is pissssssssssed off, kicking everything in sight. Now the Ozzy on Redemption plan is totally in jeopardy since Cochran screwed up the ropes and made them lose.

Upolu gets to watch an Adam Sandler film, Jack and Jill while gorging on hot dogs, popcorn, and candy. That’s the reward? Being forced to watch an entire Adam Sandler movie sounds more like a punishment.

Things are not so happy on Savaii. Ozzy is tearing into Cochran about the challenge. Looks like they want Cochran to redeem himself on Redemption Island. Savaii tries to give him a pep talk, encouraging him to beat Christine the Machine on Redemption. All the encouragement in the world isn’t getting Cochran onboard with this plan but he has no choice.

Next morning and Ozzy’s been up all night. He had some crazy dreams about beating Christine. He retrieves his Idol from the only-accessible-to-Ozzy-and-monkeys hiding spot way up in some vine covered tree and revives the Ozzy to Redemption plan. The tribe isn’t all for that, especially Keith. Without knowing when the merge is, it could be tough to lose Ozzy for a challenge.

Time for Tribal Council, will it be Ozzy or Cochran? The tribe reveals their Redemption plan to Jeff. Ozzy says he will go, to Jeff’s shock. They vote, Ozzy gives the Idol to Cochran and Ozzy is voted out. Stupidest or smartest move ever? We’ll see.

Probst calls it the biggest move Survivor has ever seen but it’s all based on one assumption: that the merge is next. Oh Probst, you always like to pretend there’s no merge when we know damn well there’s a merge coming.

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