Survivor South Pacific: Ep08: Double Agent

After Ozzy’s crazy move, Cochran is feeling lucky and happy to be back alive from Tribal. Will this be the biggest move in Survivor history? Keith is still pissed that Cochran didn’t go. Part of the big plan is for Cochran to go to the other side and become a double agent and gain intel on the other side. Then he does the world’s worst Al Pacino impression.

Ozzy arrives on Redemption to Christine the Machine’s surprise. He tells the fake story of Cochran playing the Idol. She buys it. Day 19 on Redemption and time for the duel. Will Ozzy beat the undefeated Christine the Machine? All Survivors are at this duel, so you know there’s a merge. Ozzy gives a story, Coach and the other tribe don’t buy it. The two contestants have to make a long pole with ropes and retrieve keys through a fence. This challenge has been overdone, how about a new twist on it Survivor producers?

Has Ozzy done this challenge before? Maybe. Christine tries first but her pole breaks. Ozzy grabs his key but it drops on the way back, he scoops it out of the sand and is first to get the key back. While Christine fixes her pole, Ozzy snags his second and third keys. Ozzy quickly unlocks all three and beats the Machine. Ozzy wins the duel and is back in the game. Biggest Survivor move ever!

Everyone drops their buffs and it’s time for the merge. Big meal for everyone and it’s six on six, game freakin’ on. Cochran starts talking to Coach but Coach seems to have the whole plan figured out that they purposely sent Ozzy to Redemption to win the duel. Coach gives Cochran a bit of a parental talk and invites him to cross over to his side.

Cochran ends up telling that whole Tribe the real Ozzy story. But is he really a double agent, or is he flipping sides? Cochran gives the Idol back to Ozzy as a trust measure, since Ozzy entrusted him with it. Dawn talks to Cochran and maybe they will both flip.

Time for the first individual Immunity challenge. The team’s new name is Te Tuna (uhmmm weird). Surprise! There’s two Immunity Necklaces; one for a man, one for a woman. Contestants have to balance on a log and carry a coconut on a rope sling. Edna and Cochran are out super quickly- the weakest two. Whitney drops out. Sophie next and Dawn wins Immunity for the ladies quickly. Coach is out next, six dudes left. Cowboy who doesn’t talk is wobbling and he falls off and is out. Legal weed Jim drops, Keith drops and it’s only mini-Hantz, Ozzy, and Albert left for the final round. Mini-Hantz drops out. Albert drops his coconut and the unbeatable Ozzy wins Immunity too.

Teams are expecting to tie and pick rocks. With 2 Immunity necklaces, their odds when picking rocks are better. They also want to give Whitney the Idol to play. Cochran tells their whole plan to the other side. He might flip, Coach is convinced he’s on their side. Dawn doesn’t want to flip now, Cochran could still go either way.

Tribal Council and everyone’s still expecting a six to six vote. Ozzy admits he was faking his story at Redemption and says that “we have the Idol”, meaning his whole team. Time to vote. Everyone votes and Ozzy gives the Idol to Whitney. Doesn’t matter as the votes go to Keith and Rick. It’s a tie. Revote. WIll Cochran flip now? And he flipped! Keith is voted out! Cochran admits he did to Ozzy and Jim right on the spot. Jim calls him a coward about 5 times in a row. Huge move!

There’s still Redemption for Keith, who knows exactly who flipped.

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