Survivor South Pacific: Ep09: Cut Throat

Cochran and Ozzy have their talk after Cochran flipped at Tribal. Mini-Hantz steps in to protect Cochran from a fight that’s not happening; Ozzy says take off we’re not gangsters out here. Jim is beyond pissed at Cochran. The old Opolu are embracing him though.

Te Tuna has to be the stupidest Tribe name in Survivor history, btw. Cochran says he wants either Ozzy or Jim to go home next if he had a choice. He just might.

Immunity Challenge super early in this episode. Back up from grabs. Contestants have to toss coconuts into a hole. For the second round they have to crack coconuts and transport coconut milk in their mouths through an obstacle into a container.

Dawn is first to hit and move on. It’s one toss at a time, Whitney, Jim and Sophie all get one. Four of the weakest contestants left. Round two and they have to crack the coconuts with a rock. Jim and Sophie out to the early lead. Its a battle and Sophie has to stop as she vomits up the water and has to go back. Jim wins Immunity.

Looks like they want Ozzy gone. Ozzy talks to Coach and seems a bit defeated. Dawn is thinking about flipping too. Jim says he might give Ozzy the Immunity necklace and try to tell everyone to vote Cochran.

Early Tribal Council tonight. Cochran explains his reasoning for not wanting to draw rocks last Tribal. Jim says he saved him a number of times and Cochran is dishonest. Jim flat out says he might give Ozzy the necklace and gives his turncoat speech about voting out Cochran. Jim wants to send a message to anyone who plays the game in the future that this is not how you play it. Ozzy says if you vote me out, I’m coming back from Redemption even stronger. Time to vote and Jim says he’s keeping it.

Jeff Probst reads the votes and it’s between Ozzy and Cochran. With six votes, Ozzy is voted out…again. See you on Redemption big guy. Will Ozzy come back before Cowboy talks?

Ozzy’s on Redemption now and he’s spearfishing giant fish. He snags a 15 pounder for him and Keith.

Time for the second Immunity Challenge of the episode. Players have to stand on a balance beam while balancing a ball on a bowed piece of wood. Anyone who wants to sit out gets to eat pastries and ice coffee. Only Jim, Dawn and Whitney are competing. Even Cochran is going to eat. Guess Cochran feels secure with his new Tribemates. Jim drops his ball quickly, leaving it to Dawn and Whitney to fight it out. Dawn kisses the other Tribe’s ass saying I’ll keep balancing so you can eat longer.

Jeff resets the two ladies and they have to move further along the beam where it’s narrower. Dawn is sliding a bit; Whiney looks like zen. Mini-Hantz cheers on Dawn and Whitney wins Immunity. Looks bad for Jim. Albert’s not happen with how inclusive they were with Dawn at the challenge. What does Cowboy think? Oh, nobody knows because he’s never on the air.

Jim approaches Albert and Sophie to vote out Edna. Albert says I don’t think so buddy. Coach calls Jim a rhino and Dawn a snake. Either the rhino or the snake could go home tonight.

Tribal Council again and mini-Hantz is arguing over nothing again. Whitney is crying because the other Tribe won’t talk to her. Time to vote; 3 votes Edna, 3 votes Jim to start, then the votes start going to Jim and Jim is voted out.

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