Survivor South Pacific: Ep10: Running the Show

Jim joins Ozzy on Redemption to commiserate in the fact that Coach is running them all out of town. Back at Te Tuna Coach has everyone fooled thinking it’s a joint decision on everything when meanwhile he is running the show. Woah episode title right there.

Cochran is learning Tai Chi from Coach, partially to just get on Coach’s good side. Coach is worried about Albert and/or Mini-Hantz blindsiding him. For some reason a potential Coach/Albert rivalry has Cochran worried.

Redemption Island duel time; it’s Keith, Ozzy, and Jim battling. They have to balance a board atop 2 poles on their hands. The two guys who lose become the first two jury members. Big stakes. They’re all holding on for at least 10 minutes. Jim is the first one out, no surprise there, he’s a bit of a klutz. They’re both getting itchy and the poles are moving a bit. Keith’s pole drops and Ozzy stays alive on Redemption. You better watch the hell out Te Tuna, because Ozzy is gunning for you. Ozzy is focused and pissed off and that makes him dangerous.

Overhead shot of the victorious Ozzy spearfishing? Underwater shot of the victorious Ozzy spearfishing in the reef? Yep. Ozzy’s eating huge fish and loving just surviving by himself and getting ready for the endgame without having to deal with all the backstabbing and lying.

Te Tuna is starting to get hungry. They are net fishing by the shore and coming back with empty nets. Cochran is thinking about going back to Dawn.

Time for the Immunity challenge. Immunity is back up for grabs. Contestants have to balance a bowl of rice on their heads, cross two teeter totters, and fill up another bowl. They can’t touch the bowl on their heads. All the men are dropping their bowls, except for mini-Hantz. Now Coach gets the zen balance zone. The awkward Cochran is struggling- that Tai Chi lesson from Coach didn’t help.

It’s down to Dawn, Brandon, and Sophie. Sophie takes a huge risk and carries a huge load of rice and wins Immunity. Welcome to Survivor South Pacific Sophie. Nice to have you on the show finally. Now how about Cowboy? Will we ever see him or hear him talk? Jeff Probst says there’s a twist at Tribal which will be revealed at Tribal. Woooah.

Dawn, Whitney and Cochran are approaching Albert to try to vote out Edna and break up Coach’s little shadow. Albert and Cochran have a little shell checkers game going on and Albert says he’s going 7th, which pisses Cochran off. Albert approaches Sophie to make the big move and vote Edna out. Coach is suspicious and knows what’s up- he’s playing for jury votes.

Tribal Council time. As usual Probst tries to get them to reveal what they’re going to do votewise. They argue over whether or not Coach is the leader. He is even if he says he’s not. Time to vote. It’s between Dawn and Edna and nobody flips and Dawn is voted out.

Now for the twist. There’s an on the spot Immunity Challenge with a vote to follow! It’s a series of survival related questions. Jeff asks some simple questions and it’s quickly down to Coach, Whitney and Sophie. Coach is out. Whitney and Sophie are left and Sophie wins Immunity, again.

Time to vote, again. The votes pretty much all go to Whitney and she’s voted out. The tribe has spoken.

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