Survivor South Pacific: Ep12: Cult Life

We skipped episode 11 in our recaps here because that episode was just a recap too. Moving on, it’s night 27 on Te Tuna and it’s down to just 7 with Cochran as the last man out. He needs to figure something out to improve his position.

Cochran’s strategy is to tell crazy stories. Sophie is annoyed at him and his pride in making the big move. Cochran thinks that Opolu members are some sort of cult they way they keep saying “family”. Now he pulls the whole tribe together and tries to plead his case to everyone. Albert and Coach want to keep him for another day, they feel they owe him. Sophie says hell to the no. Cowboy says…nothing! What else is new?

Time for the Redemption Island duel- Ozzy, Dawn and Whitney. THey have to do the balancing dishes on a horizontal pole challenge. They start to stack the dishes and Dawn quickly loses her concentration while yawning shortly in. She recovers and they are stacked 9 dishes high. Two more dishes and Dawn’s stack falls and she’s out and on the jury. Up to 12 dishes now. Whitney starts to wobble and her stack falls and Ozzy stays alive. What else is new?

Now we get to see more shots of Ozzy spearfishing. I bet the producers are excited about that.

Back at Te Tuna, Edna’s doing laundry. Albert’s sitting back working on strategy and doing well at the challenges. Brandon’s catching some decent fish out there. Cochran gets to help hold the fish after mini-Hantz catches it. Unfortunately everyone’s pissed about Albert just sitting around. Cowboy talks! Cowboy talks! His name is Rick and he’s a rancher. Only took 28 days.

Edna’s trying to figure out how to work her way up in the Tribe since she’s probably next or second to next after Cochran. However, Coach wants to keep both Edna and Cochran since they are both loyal to him. Coach and Cochran do some tai chi on the beach and it’s Immunity Challenge time.

First things first, Jeff takes back the necklace and Immunity is back up for grabs. It’s a multi-stage challenge repeating the sandbag tossing challenge and then the slingshot one. Albert gets all his beanbags on first and moves on. Cowboy moves on too, he says “yeah”, which is more than he did the first 27 days. Sophie is the third person to move on.

Now they have to slingshot coconuts into a target. Albert is the first to knock the target down. Cowboy Rick quickly knocks down two to take the lead. Sophis is doing horribly. Now Albert ties it up and Albert quickly gets his third one down and wins Immunity. Good for him because he needed that. He gets a shower and massage back at camp. He picks Coach to get the second reward. Then he decides to give away his own reward to Cochran since it’s his birthday in two days. That’s huge.

Either Albert wants to team up with him or just to get Cochran to like him a bit more before sending him off to the jury. Either way, good strategy move for Albert. The funny part is that Cochran totally lied about his birthday.

Cochran tells Albert that he thinks Coach wants Cowboy Rick to go. Edna’s on board with that one. Coach could go either way and gives some crazy ass speech in his interview about tides and Shakespeare and who knows what. Coach is the swing vote tonight.

Tribal Council and Jeff tries to squeeze out some answers from everyone. Mini-Hantz has no idea what’s going on and makes a crazy statement and thinks everyone’s voting for Cochran tonight and then Edna next. Jeff makes him cry for no reason. Cochran says and Albert and Sophie agree that Brandon can’t change strategies mid-stream. Jeff reads the votes, it’s between Cochran and Cowboy Rick as expected; and Cochran is voted out. Ouch!

Flipping tribes didn’t work out for Cochran (and it almost never does), so far; but he does have Redemption Island and Ozzy to battle. Good luck with that buddy; although honestly no matter who wins the duel between the two of them, it will be great TV. Can’t wait.

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