Survivor South Pacific: Ep13: Ticking Time Bomb

Night 30 on Redemption Island and Cochran shows up to Ozzy’s ambivalence. Ozzy’s not surprised. Either Ozzy or Cochran is coming back and either way it’s going to be epic.

Back at camp, Cowboy’s roasting a sock and Edna’s already feeling outcast (not because of the sock). Mini-Hantz laid it out last night at Tribal that she was next. She feels deceived. While Edna’s melting down to Coach about her status, Mini-Hantz comes screaming about the Sprint tree-mail video messages. Cowboy’s wife gives a message on the phone and she’s now officially had more lines on the show than he has. Everyone else’s loved ones give messages and it’s a total sobfest.

Duel time! Ozzy vs. Cochran. They have to use grappling hooks to get bags that have balls inside which they will use to solve a table maze. Ozzy quickly gets two bags, and gives Cochran a tip to help him for some reason. Why are you helping him? He gets his third to the uncoordinated Cochran’s one so far. Ozzy starts on the maze as Cochran gets his third ball. The maze is controlled by a pair of handles on pulleys. Ozzy’s ball falls through the wrong hole as Cochran takes the lead but his ball drops close to the end. Ozzy takes the lead again. It’s now neck and neck right at the end of the maze but Ozzy takes it and stays alive! That was close, your tip almost shot you in foot, Oz.

Cochran starts tearing up as he recalls his time on Survivor. He made it further than probably anyone would have expected. Big round of applause as he drops his buff and leaves the game.

Now Jeff says Ozzy has a big decision to make that will impact the game. Then he brings out the loved ones. Ozzy gets to choose which person spends time with their loved one. He chooses Albert to spend time with his mom. Then he gets to choose one more. He chooses Coach to spend time with his brother. Then he chooses Brandon to spend time with his dad (Russell Hantz’s brother). The other 3 head back to camp. The whole gang gets to spend time with Ozzy on Redemption while Ozzy records it all on the Sprint phone.

Coach and Ozzy have a talk about the final 3. It’s them two and someone else they haven’t named yet. Mini-Hantz spells out his ridiculous “good person” strategy to his Dad who says if there’s a move to make to get you along in the game, take it. Brandon says that’s not what I’m playing for. The father starts pressuring Coach to take Hantz to the final three. Typical Hantz move. You can’t force Coach to do anything like that.

Now it’s Immunity Challenge time. Immunity is back up for grabs. It’s a giant honeycomb puzzle board that’s kind of a Q-Bert challenge. They have to move around the puzzle, flipping over pieces they’ve stood on already until they can’t move any more. They start moving along. Albert gets boxed in and he’s out. Brandon’s out next, no surprise there. He says his strategy in this game was to eliminate Edna, which makes her start crying. Coach has a ton of space to move around as Cowboy is out and Sophie follows. Does anybody beside Coach know how to play this game? It’s not rocket science. Edna makes her last move as Coach dominates and wins Immunity.

Rancher Rick speaks! Even he doesn’t like what Mini-Hantz had to say about Edna. Brandon apologizes but Edna and the rest of the Tribe aren’t quite so forgiving; it takes more than just an apology to make up for this. Edna petitions the Tribe to vote out Mini-Hantz. She says she wants Coach, Albert, her and Sophie as the final 4. Since she’s not as big a threat to win challenges as Brandon, they just might keep her around.

The jury comes out at Tribal- Cochran is all cleaned up. Edna claims Brandon doesn’t have honor and integrity like the Tribe’s mantra is. He thinks she’s just taking shots at him. Time to vote. It’s between Edna and Brandon, of course. And Edna is voted out. No way Coach is really going to send someone strong over to Redemption if he really is teaming up with Ozzy.

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