Survivor South Pacific: Ep14: Then There Were Five

Well that took about 1 second for them to say the episode title during the show. Down to the final five Survivors. Oh geez, mini-Hantz leads the prayer circle now. Now they all have to start picking each other off

Albert wants to blindside Sophie next. Albert’s a player. He’s threatened by her. She’s won Immunity twice and could beat him if it comes down to the them at the end. Albert talks to Cowboy, who says a few words, Albert promises to take him to the end. Smart move because Rick hasn’t done anything all season.

But let’s not forget about Ozzy. It’s another Redemption Island duel- Ozzy vs. Edna. They have to complete a slide puzzle, to release a hatchet, chop a rope and stack some puzzle cubes. Edna has a shot- it’s an all mental challenge! Ozzy quickly finishes the first part and frees his hatchet. Edna’s still stuck. Ozzy starts on the second part, stacking cubes so they don’t repeat. Edna is still stuck, Albert starts giving her advice from the bench. Edna starts on her cubes and the entire Tribe on the bench starts to help her out. Edna thinks she’s got it and asks for Jeff to check. Two reds, no she doesn’t. Ozzy finishes next and asks for the check and he’s got it! Ozzy stays alive!

Mini-Hantz thinks it’s him, Albert and Coach in the final three, unless Ozzy spoils it. Meanwhile Sophie is focused on Ozzy, she thinks they need to send Brandon there since he’s kind of strong. Cowboy seems to be down with that plan too. Albert talks to Coach about getting Sophie off. Coach listens disapprovingly; Coach thinks he wants to get rid of her because she’s smarter than he is.

Now Mini-Hantz comes over and pisses Coach off by trying to bully him. Coach says he’s channeling his Uncle Russell. They hug it out but Coach still wants him gone now.

Time for the Immunity Challenge. They have to climb a wall and solve a puzzle, basically. There’s a pizza reward along with Immunity. Brandon and Cowboy Rick take the quick lead and start on the puzzle first. Coach is not far behind. Albert is doing terrible. Now they’re all working on the puzzle. Cowboy Rick quickly falls behind. Coach and Mini-Hantz in the lead. Brandon grabs the three numbers from the puzzle and climbs the wall to try to solve the box and he’s got it! Brandon wins Immunity. He chooses Cowboy to join him for pizza.

Pizza delivery comes via jetski, that’s cool. Now Sophie and Coach are talking about sending Albert home. Sophie talks to Brandon and Cowboy about taking Albert out. Brandon doesn’t know who to trust. He calls out Albert in person for promising both Hantz and Cowboy to be in the final three. Cowboy Rick starts going off on him with Brandon.

Albert got caught and it’s not looking good for him. He talks one on one with Mini-Hantz and Brandon says he should be there. He even promises him his Immunity necklace if need be. Stupid move, but definitely do it for entertainment value on our end, Brandon!

Coach doesn’t know what he wants to do. He goes into some crazy religious prayer thing to help him figure out who to vote for.

Tribal Council time. Right off the bat Brandon says he wants to give his Immunity Necklace up, he gives it to Albert. Noooo- you’re supposed to wait until the votes, dude. Brandon starts going off on his background with gangs and now Coach and Albert are his two best friends. Cowboy Rick spills the beans that they all know about Coach’s hidden Immunity Idol which means only Brandon, Sophie and Rick are in danger. Albert smartly says he’s not living in the same generous spirit as Brandon and give it back to Brandon.

Time to vote. Cowboy votes for Brandon, saying “dumb move” as he writes the name down. He’s pretty funny, they should put him on the air more. It’s between Sophie and Brandon. Did Brandon make one of the stupidest moves ever? By a vote of 3 to 2, Brandon is voted out!!!! Epically dumb move! Pot dealer Jim is shocked. See you on Redemption for the final duel between you and Ozzy, Brandon; the winner comes back.

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