Survivor South Pacific: Ep15: Loyalties Will Be Broken (Finale)

Mini-Hantz is out on Redemption Island where he tells Ozzy how he gave up Immunity and then they voted him out. Ozzy’s not surprised that they evicted him once he gave it up; Ozzy says he’s playing a blind faith game.

Back at camp, Sophie calls it one of the dumbest moves ever to give up the necklace. Coach is pissed off that Albert lied to the jury about his plans to vote off Brandon. Albert’s kinda on the outs now.

Day 36 and it’s the final Redemption Island duel, Ozzy vs. Mini-Hantz. Hang on! Ozzy has been fishing and eating super well for the last two week and is ready for this challenge and he wants back in the game, badly. The two contestants have to hold on to tiny footrests on a pole. I think monkeyman Ozzy should have the advantage in this one. Five seconds in and Mini-Hantz is readjusting already. Jeff Probst says this is the most narrow foothold ever. Ozzy starts slipping slightly, Mini-Hantz drops down a bit and lets go with his feet, using just his arms. Both are moving around a lot, Mini-Hantz is sliding down. He’s at the lowest level, Ozzy at the top, Ozzy starts to slip a bit and Brandon falls down off the pole and Ozzy stays alive and is back in the game!!!!!!!!

Now there’s five left and nobody’s looking happy about Ozzy coming back. Ozzy is the greatest challenge player ever.

Right away Coach promises Ozzy either the Immunity necklace or Idol should Coach win it and Ozzy need it. Coach is kinda set right now no matter what happens, he’s on everyone’s side- everyone wants to take him to the final three.

Time for the Immunity challenge. Contestants have to pull a pull and steady a balancing board while building a house of cards with the other hand. Sophie says she has a book at home on how to make house of cards. Hmmm. They’re stacking pretty nicely, Coach and Ozzy and Sophie in the lead but uh oh, Sophie has run out of pieces and has to take hers apart a bit. Meanwhile Coach’s stack falls. Ozzy is in the lead while Sophie rebuilds the top half.

Sophie yells at Albert to drop her stack and pick up her pieces for her. Jeff says no helping, it’s an individual game. Coach doing well, Rick is nowhere. Ozzy is getting very close with an aggressive stack. Albert and Sophie lose their whole stack. Ozzy is one tile away and he gets it and wins Immunity!!!!!!! Ozzy is indestructible!!!!!!

Ozzy has the power now and he starts to play them against one another. Coach tells Albert that Cowboy is next to go. Everyone likes him and he’s a hard worker, and Coach finds that dangerous in the final three. Ozzy tells Albert he wants Sophie gone; he makes a decent case- she could be tough to be at the end- she’s won some things and can speak well.

Coach tells Cowboy he wants to vote for Sophie, Rick kinda goes along with that. Ozzy tells Albert that Coach wanted Ozzy/Coach as the final two. Coach tells Albert that he wants Ozzy gone as soon as possible. It’s all convoluted, this could go any way at this point.

Tribal Council, Jeff brings in the members of the jury. Last chance for Coach to play his hidden Immunity Idol, which he wears around his neck and will be playing. Ozzy tells everyone that Coach said he wants to take him to the end. Sophie isn’t buying that and says that Ozzy doesn’t respect her. Sophie starts breaking down under Jeff’s questioning, she’s bawling now. Jeff says thick up your skin girlfriend.

Time to vote. Rick votes for Sophie as does Ozzy. Probst tallies the votes. Coach doesn’t play his hidden Immunity Idol, there’s no need. And the votes go to Cowboy Rick. Rick is pissed at Coach, he knows he flipped. He tells Coach to go have a seat. Final Immunity Challenge is tomorrow.

Back at Camp, Ozzy says plan A is to win. Plan B is to win. Ozzy is climbing put the tree and not sharing any of his cocunuts. Smart move. Coach pulls him aside and says why did you tell everyone at Tribal that I wanted to go to the Final Two with you. Ozzy admits that he’d been burned before and he didn’t trust Coach yesterday. Coach forgives him. Ozzy says he wants to see Albert and Sophie have to battle it out and make fire at Tribal.

Immunity Challenge is a giant star-shaped arena. It’s an obstacle course, they have to collect puzzle pieces and then solve it in the center. It’s actually a flower, not a star. Sophie and Albert stupidly start on the same obstacle and get in each other’s way. Three bags later and those two are doing the same one again. Ozzy out with a 2 bag lead on everyone else.

Ozzy starts on the puzzle. Albert keeps falling, he’s totally unathletic. Coach starts on his puzzle next, then Sophie. The puzzle looks really hard. Sophie starts putting a few pieces in before anyone else and Ozzy looks a bit panicked. He quickly gets a few on and is close to catching up. It’s Ozzy and Sophie; Sophie’s plowing through it quickly and Sophie wins final Immunity! She needed it.

Coach is calling Sophie the dragonslayer, slaying Ozzy. Ozzy begs Coach to let him battle Albert in a fire competition. Coach is torn.

Back to Tribal we go. The possible plan to go to fire with Ozzy and Albert is revealed. Coach is still undecided I think. Or at least not revealing anything. Time to vote. It’s all down to Coach. He votes for Ozzy to go. His third time was not a charm. That’s too bad, the jury gives him a round of applause.

It’s the final three of Coach, Albert and Sophie. They wake up and it’s the final three breakfast. They burn down their shelter and off to final tribal they go. Thankfully this year they’re not doing the thing where they reminisce about each of their fallen tribemates. Jury comes in, Ozzy looking like Pocahontas.

Albert gives his speech to the jury. Sophie lays down her case about how many Immunities she’s won and how she made a great alliance and outwit, outlast and outplayed everyone. Coach says he opened up himself to everyone. The jury doesn’t seem to be buying his philosophies.

Ozzy leads off the jury questioning. He says nobody wants to vote for any of you guys. He gets Coach to admit he played dishonorably at some point. Marijuana Jim asks a question; Albert says that he wast he catalyst and that he brought Coach there not the other way around.

Cowboy Rick speaks! More lines tonight that the whole season. He’s pissed off at all three of them, he won’t even let Albert talk. Rick doesn’t like anyone up there. Now Mini-Hantz is up there, he’s pissed as hell at Coach. He forgives Coach. He’s even more pissed at Albert, calls him a lier when Albert says he didn’t know that Brandon was going home.

Whitney is pissed at all three too. Edna says the final three managed to dupe everyone and the jury came to the island expecting to be duped, so they shouldn’t be angry. Keith asks about the hidden Immunity Idol, Sophie reveals they tricked Brandon with the fake “finding” of the Idol. Cochran drills Coach on saying “honor” so much.

TIme to vote; they show Cochran’s vote for Coach to win and Dawn’s vote for Sophie and Rick waffling at the pen. Jeff gets the votes and he’ll see us back in Los Angeles.

The final three are looking good all cleaned up and in formal wear in Los Angeles. Who will win Survivor South Pacific. Jeff Probst reads the votes: It’s Coach and Sophie, no votes for Albert. It’s tied up at three votes each. And the winner of Survivor South Pacific is Sophie.

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